About Us : Mission e Vision

About Us : Mission e Vision

About Us :

Edomea is an Italian brand based in Bergamo, a city rich in history and culture. Founded with a strong passion for sustainability and ecology, the company is dedicated to providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the field of cosmetics, household, and personal care products.

We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who share a common vision of creating high-quality products that have a positive impact on the environment and people’s health. With specialized expertise in research, development, and production, we work tirelessly to offer innovative products that meet the needs of our customers without compromising on sustainability.

Our headquarters in Bergamo represents our Italian roots and pride in the Made in Italy tradition. We draw inspiration from the rich Italian artisanal heritage, combining manufacturing excellence with the use of natural and biodegradable ingredients to provide products that reflect the quality, elegance, and authenticity of our country.

We are forward-looking, focusing on innovation and continuous research for sustainable solutions. Collaborating with industry experts, we adopt the best production and business management practices to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We are committed to being an ethical and responsible company, promoting transparency in our supply chain and maintaining trusting relationships with our suppliers and customers. We are driven by the awareness that every action counts and that we can make a difference in promoting a sustainable lifestyle for a better future.

Mission :

At Edomea, our mission is to be a leading Italian brand specializing in the production of environmentally conscious cosmetic, household, and personal care products. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that respect the environment while upholding the exceptional quality and efficacy of our Made in Italy products. Through the use of natural and biodegradable ingredients, we aim to create gentle yet effective formulations that cater to the needs of our customers, ensuring visible and long-lasting results. sostenibile.

Company Vision :

Our vision at Edomea is to revolutionize the way consumers perceive and engage with personal care and household products. We envision a world where sustainability is at the core of every choice, where customers can confidently use our cosmetic, household, and personal care items, knowing they are making a positive impact on the environment. By continuously innovating and adhering to ethical and responsible business practices, we strive to be a global symbol of eco-friendly excellence, inspiring others to join us on the journey towards a greener and healthier planet. Together, we can embrace the beauty of sustainability and preserve the world we love for generations to come.

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